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Support, Empower, make a difference

Vicky started with Timeout three and half tears ago, her role was as a teaching assistant. But Vicky has now stepped up into an brand new exciting role here at Timeout as Family Support Manager. As mentioned the this role is new but very much needed!

Vicky has told me she feels this is her year and feels happy, excited and a little daunted at the prospect of the new role, but the nervousness is soon swept away by the incredible support network within Timeout, with Dominic, Managing Director happy for Vicky to progress in the new role with constant support. Vicky also explained she has a great relationship with James Head of Education who supports an guides her and simply say's he is just great to work with.

Vicky is super passionate about working with pupils, parents and carer's. To fulfil this new role Vicky will be starting a two year degree course through Calderdale college, so developing the role in conjunction with the degree.

The role will involve working alongside social workers and the plan is to tie together the education and clinical departments.

So this role was born because of the demand in families in crisis, parents and carers need extra support. A family support group will be set up at Brearley Hall School for parents very soon, which will then lead onto the other schools providing this service. Vicky explains "parents become isolated and tasks, such as going to the supermarket with their child becomes stressful. So simple tasks become harder and this is where the support is needed, with regular group meetings and contact to make sure the parents are not alone." With the pandemic over the last two years we can all agree it has been isolating for many but for parents who have children with special needs this is constant and that is why support is needed.

Vicky truly believes you can make a difference by supporting and therefore empowering.

So Vicky's first task will be to implement all this support and managing all three schools, Riverbank, Elland House and Brearley Hall and is looking forward to making a real diffrence within the company.

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