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Careers Overview

At Brookland School, we offer a comprehensive careers programme from Year 7 to 11, to help our young people find clear pathways to success in whatever they choose to do. Learning about careers, even early on in school life, can help students make informed choices about their futures. At Brookland School, we are committed to providing a planned programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance.

  • Careers lessons in school

  • Work experience (both short and long term placements)

  • Business and apprenticeship visits

  • Aspirational speakers

  • Drop-in sessions, both 1:1 and group work

  • Career workshops working on CV and interview skills

  • Further Education visits and experiences

  • Higher Education visits and experiences

  • Careers Fair

  • Enterprise opportunities

This can look different for each student, and our careers programme reflects this. By working with a qualified Careers Advisor, we provide bespoke advice and guidance to each individual. All students, whatever the age, will have access to various career development opportunities which could include:

We follow the Gatsby Benchmarks to help us achieve this.

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How we meet the Benchmarks

Benchmark 1 

A stable careers programme
  • We have created a bespoke CEIAG curriculum to ensure all pupils have access to careers in every year group, each year builds on knowledge from the previous year to ensure comprehensive coverage.


  • We work closely with outside agencies so that vulnerable pupils have opportunities to suit them.


  • We complete termly evaluations of our CEIAG programme.

Benchmark 2 

Learning from labour market information
  • Our curriculum is supported by Start Profile and other platforms that provide the most up to date information about the labour market in our local area.

  • We cultivate links with local employers and colleges.

Benchmark 3

Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Our careers curriculum is sensitive to the needs of our pupils whilst aiming to raise aspirations and provide education around issues such as equality and diversity.

  • Every pupil has access to 1:1 careers provision that is suited to their needs.

  • The CEIAG team are available at parent consultation days to provide support and feedback to parents.

  • We make use of pupil, parent, staff and employer voice.

  • We have tracking systems in place, which allow students to see their journey through CEIAG.

Benchmark 4

Linking curriculum to careers
  • We create a comprehensive audit of careers across all subjects and year groups.

  • Regular support and CPD is provided to all staff on embedding careers in their curriculum.

  • Every teacher supports the implementation of careers in their curriculum and uses their specialist subject knowledge to engage students and inspire their career choices.

Benchmark 5

Encounters with employers and employees
  • Students will have at least two meaningful encounters with employers and employees during their time at Brookland School.

  • We hold careers fairs to provide students with the opportunity to encounter careers they may not have otherwise encountered.

Benchmark 6

Experiences of workplaces
  • Work experience is organised to suit each student.

  • Visits and trips are planned within subjects to provide practical real world experience relating to their curriculum.

Benchmark 7

Encounters with higher and further education
  • We cultivate close links with local colleges and universities and invite them in to speak with our students.

  • Where applicable, our students have the chance to attend courses in our local HE providers in addition to their usual curriculum.

Benchmark 8

Personal Guidance
  • Every student in KS4 to access 1:1 CEIAG appointments.

  • Information surrounding careers is available to parents and students at their request.

  • Every student at all levels to have access to the careers team to discuss their ideas and concerns.

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