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The Mighty Mam Tor

Brookland School does not shy away from monumental challenges for charity. Every year, they complete a different challenge and this year is no exception. This year, the students are doing a 20-mile walk in the Peak District, with part of the route being Mam Tor. It’s an incredible feat of team spirit and dedication that deserves our support!

Lead teacher Jonny has been an integral part of this challenge since its conception. He has been working hard to ensure that his students have the resources they need to undertake such a momentous task. He’s also been encouraging them to set personal goals and work out strategies to reach those goals during their training period so that they feel confident when it comes time to do the actual walk. It’s clear that he wants his students to succeed in their endeavor!

The main goal of this challenge is to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust, which provides vital support for teenagers who are battling cancer. All proceeds will be used towards providing much needed care for these young people so that they can live as normal lives as possible in spite of their diagnosis. It’s a noble cause that deserves all the help it can get!

We should all be proud of Jonny and his students at Brookland School for taking on this challenge in order to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust! Their dedication is inspiring, and we wish them luck on their journey ahead. If you would like more information or would like to donate, please visit Thank you!

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