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Therapy Made Simple!

Therapy made simple…. this is our ethos here at Timeout and I think the way forward within our clinical department.

Getting back to basics with therapy is so important for the children in our care. We are invaluable here at Timeout as we offer Therapy in house, direct one to one care. This is rare within these organisations, so to be able to offer this really does give us a greater insight.

The clinical team really do get to the bare bones, asking the simple question, what is therapy? Offering family support and working with Local Authorities. We focus on targeted interventions, the children get in house support, which is all in the care cost package.

The care and support system goes on along time after the child has left Timeout.

Nadia (head of Clinical) tells me we need to make therapy simple and teach the children in our care that therapy is not bad, by doing this we are breaking barriers.

The central focus of the therapeutic approach is to provide sensitive care giving, so relationships can be formed, enabling our children to thrive and feel competent to face future challenges as well as full filling their potential.

This is basically our main aim for the children within our care.

The Timeout Team currently offer

Clinical Psychology Art Psychotherapy Dramatherapy Speech and Language Therapy Play Therapy

All these therapies are so important and valued at Timeout.

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